On October 17th to October 24th Daniel Corrigan will be running for Regional Councillor Ward 3 for the city of Ajax. Daniel is ready to lead by connecting people , taking action , making a positive change and building for future generations. Mr Daniel Corrigan is known to have lived in Ajax for over 8 years and has provided business opportunities to Durham Region for over 20+ years.


    I am running to serve as your Ward 3 Regional Councillor to represent you and your loved ones.  

    If elected, I will be steadfastly committed to enhancing our quality of life by putting safety, security, and convenience first, enhancing our community amenities, celebrating our diverse cultural tapestry, balancing the budgets to benefit Ward 3, empowering our youth, and taking good care of our seniors, natural environments, services, parks, and facilities.

    I commit my attention, experience, energy and expertise to the role of Regional Councillor of Ajax Ward 3.

As your Regional Councillor. I will be:

An Effective Team Player:

I will focus on the interest of my constituents. 

A Relationship Builder: 

I will collaborate with other elected representatives to create sound policies that benefit the Town of Ajax.


I will be easily accessible to the community by email, phone, text, social media, and public events.


As a business professional I have learned that all decisions begin with asking the right questions, understanding clearly what is at stake, and ensuring a balanced way forward.     

A Critical Thinker:

I use fact-based evidence to form my decisions along with contingency planning. 

Fiscally Responsible: 

 I will utilize cost-effective approaches to direct city expenditures and allocate effective uses of revenues.